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Engineering IT Services

Are your clients wishing you could deliver faster or more efficiently? Are you stuck in the weeds of managing IT issues? Is the engineering firm team in need of newer software, industry-specific apps, or a more secure network? It may be time to consider 911 IT for Engineering IT Services.

Partnering with 911 IT means we walk alongside you to determine where technology updates and upgrades are needed, where there is room for improvement, and how to move your firm into a more efficient future.

  • Access to space on the cloud to store projects, business plans, software, and more.
  • Designated user access to data from multiple users and locations.
  • Streamlining workflows to improve efficiencies and project delivery times.

We’re hearing from our clients more often that their customers are requesting results at a faster pace than ever. That’s largely because we’re used to fast service and response times via apps on our phones. We can lock and unlock our homes, change temperature, turn lights on and off, and so much more, it’s no wonder engineering firms are expected to deliver quickly.

What are Engineering IT Services?

Our Engineering IT Services provide support to the firm to make sure all projects and other information are protected and secure. Rather than focusing on tech issues at your firm, let 911 IT manage technology.

Our goal is for your projects to be delivered efficiently because we’ve implemented processes that make sense for your engineering firm. What works for your team, may not work for all teams. We like customized solutions and communication.

  • What’s working currently at your engineering firm?
  • What do you want to change or improve?
  • Where are opportunities to upgrade infrastructure and/or processes?

Avoid common problems faced by engineering firms including downtime, loss of productivity, communication issues, lack of integrated systems, no measurement for analytics and current workflows, lack of collaboration tools, and slow-response engineering IT services team.

Our goal is to make your engineering firm as transparent as it can be while at the same time, offering confidentiality and compliance as needed and required. Common projects include setting up or improving current workflows, enhancing capabilities of remote and hybrid workers, and establishing collaboration between departments.

911 IT understands large scale software solutions like AutoCAD and the requirements to accommodate storage, collaboration, and security. We’re here for you every step of the way to listen, develop, support, and secure your engineering firm.

Benefits of Engineering IT Services

The biggest benefit of partnering with 911 IT is the flexibility, scalability, and reliability of our team.

From the first conversation, we want to understand your firm including the technology challenges you’re facing. We can plan for scalability while at the same time, identify ways to streamline processes and provide access and security to remote employees.

  • Buildout of a reliable and scalable IT infrastructure.
  • Support programs including AutoCAD, HEC-HMS, and SSA.
  • Protect against cybersecurity breaches, malware, and phishing attacks.
  • Review compliance standards.
  • Upgrade workstations for peak seasons and/or growth.
  • Flat-rate monthly billing
  • Scalability

911 IT is ready to partner with you for all your Engineering IT Services needs! Call us today to get started.

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