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Business Continuity

Data Backup Solutions in Salt Lake City

You know the feeling: when disaster strikes, helplessness sets in, and you are left wondering what you could have done to avoid it. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of disasters—they’re unpredictable and therefore unavoidable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t recover from a disaster. You just need to think ahead.

For a brick-and-mortar enterprise, disasters can take many forms. Storms spawn floods that may inundate your place of business. Hurricanes and tornadoes can obliterate whatever lies in their path. Fires of course devour most everything. And earthquakes have the power to level not just your place of business but the infrastructure of an entire region. But ultimately, physical assets and inventory can be replaced.

Your company’s data, however, is a different story.

That data is the key to your company’s success, and it is irreplaceable. What good is a shiny new replacement computer if you’re not able to quickly resume operations after a disaster? So you need to ask yourself: is your data properly protected—not just from natural disasters, but from such events as power outages, human error, the destructive actions of a disgruntled employee, or the cyberattack of a hacker living in another country?

You don’t even need to answer that question. That’s our job! At 911 IT, we can perform a thorough audit of your current network, hardware and software, and data management practices, and then advise you on where it may all fall short. From there we can tell you the best way to secure your data as well as back it up so it’s ready for speedy recovery should the need arise.

Data Backup: The Key to Successful Data Recovery

Nowadays, everyone talks about “connectivity,” and it’s hard to imagine an organization being able to function without all its devices talking to one another. But what about the flip side of connectivity—namely, data security? With the efficiency that connectivity confers comes the risk of electronic data loss when something goes terribly wrong. If that data is destroyed, stolen, or compromised in any way, you’ll thank your lucky stars you had a backup-and-recovery plan in place—or what we prefer to call business continuity.

Such a plan should never be a one-size-fits-all proposition. In its essential features, the purpose of a business continuity plan should be to maintain an organization’s basic operations in the face of disaster. The nature of that disaster can range from the malfunctioning of a single computer, to a company-wide ransomware attack, to the obliteration of an office by a tornado. In the immediate aftermath of such a disaster, the primary aim of a business continuity plan is to prevent or at least minimize the interruption of critical business functions.

After business continuity the organization can focus on disaster recovery, with the goal of restoring IT business functions to pre-disaster status.

Business Continuity Deliverables

With 911 IT Business Continuity Services, you’ll always have an experienced professional to call for help before your data is at risk and to help recover your data when events occur that are beyond your control.

With our client’s guidance, we identify which IT functions and data are most critical for the business. We gather essential technical information about your systems, analyze vulnerabilities, and brainstorm ways to harden backup protocols and improve system resiliency.

Our final deliverable is a comprehensive business continuity plan that includes step-by-step incident protocols and clear guidelines for what your organization should do to respond to various types of disasters and maintain operations. These guidelines cover all three major elements of good business continuity planning, namely: resilience, recovery, and contingency planning.

Moving forward, contingency tests and exercises are used to evaluate the effectiveness of the business continuity and disaster recovery plans put in place, and then we make adjustments as needed.

Your focus should be on running your business, not worrying about what to do in the event a disaster puts your company’s data at risk of loss. Our IT Disaster Recovery Services are designed not only to back up your data but to provide you with peace of mind.

Benefits of 911 IT’s Business Continuity Services

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Consultation with experts in data backup and disaster recovery

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Detailed risk audit

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Protection of your organization’s critical data

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Strategic planning to reduce downtime

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Customized disaster recovery plan for your specific industry

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Ultimate peace of mind

Business Continuity FAQs

  • QWhat is the main benefit of a disaster recovery plan?

    A comprehensive disaster recovery plan ensures that an organization can avoid costly downtime while allowing for an orderly response to a disaster, with key team members in the organization communicating well and knowing the specific roles they will have to play.

  • QWhy do I need a backup-and-recovery strategy?

    Consider this: following a major disaster, about half of all small businesses never reopen. And most fail within a year unless they can resume full operations inside of a week. Since three-quarters of all small businesses do not have a formal business continuity plan in place, you quickly realize they are gambling with their livelihood.

  • QWhy can’t we create our own business continuity plan?

    You could, of course. Assuming you have the in-house expertise and experience in this information technology specialty to pull it off, you could potentially save yourselves a fair amount of money. But given the complexity of technology involved and the seriousness of the potential IT risks, you might just be better off handing this task to the experts.

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Adam and his team are true professionals!! They are very knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions. Highly Recommended!!

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Give 911 IT a Shot! It is Worth It!

We have loved the peace of mind using 911 IT has given us. They are great at answering their phone and solving our problems quickly. I have worked for the past year or so with Calvin and his crew. I really like how quickly they respond to my questions and concerns. We are upgrading our machines with them now. They help us with backup services and with virus protection. Give 911 IT a shot! It is worth it!

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Their responsiveness is the best I've seen!

We brought in 911 IT because we were at a point in our business where we needed professional IT support. Our business had outgrown the services of our previous technology provider and we couldn\xe2\x80\x99t afford the periodic downtime we experienced with our internet and phones. We looked at a few other IT firms and went with 911 because they are truly problem solvers.

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They always take care of my needs whenever I have a question. Their team is responsive, always on time and professional. I would recommend them.

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Would Highly Recommend to Anyone!

Great company! Always prompt to fix our problems right when they happen and very efficient and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend to anyone!

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They are Part of Our Team!

When hiring 911 IT, we didn't realize it would be like having a inhouse IT department without the overhead cost that comes with an inhouse department. They are part of our team. They want us to succeed and they have our best interest in mind. Our problems are resolved quickly, as they want us to be successful and they work to make sure our goals are a priority to them as well. It's such a simple concept, but as a business owner it means a lot. 911 IT is honest and their skills are top notch. Give them a try today! I don't see any reason why you shouldn't!

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I Highly Recommend 911 IT!

I use these guys for all of my business network needs, Josh is usually the rep who helps me, and I always ask for him. Every time I call, they know exactly who I am and have my file (or whatever they use to organize their customers) pulled up in front of them ready to help. They are always in a good mood when helping me - even when my needs are super difficult - and they always get the issue solved very quickly. I highly recommend 911 IT!

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Great dedicated IT team!

We started using 911 IT when we tired of waiting for our issues to get resolved. Having a dedicated IT team, not a tech person that does it "on the side" has saved me time and money. Their experienced team helps me price check and make decisions when it comes to equipment and software. Since outsourcing our IT to 911, the 911 team has setup our new location and everything was running great before we opened our doors. You will not regret it, Call 911 IT!

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911 IT is the best in town!

911 IT is the best in town! They know their stuff and are fairly priced! I love how they can do repairs remotely too!

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911 IT is the go-to for IT services!

This company is the go-to for IT services. They always have someone who is willing to help if not immediately, within the next 24 hours. They know how to fix everything, and their services are wonderful. No matter the time of day or night they are always willing to help me out and they just saved our company after a computer mishap we had. Props to the owner Adam for building such a responsible and trusting company. Would suggest to all my friends looking for IT support hands down.

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Disaster Recovery

911 IT has the disaster recovery team your Utah business needs to get back to doing what you do best - serving clients and customers. No one knows when disaster will strike their business. From storms that damage and destroy brick and mortar businesses, to the destruction of hackers breaching confidential information, your business may need disaster recovery. It’s more than getting phones online, it’s about restoring and protecting data.

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