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Managed HIPAA Services

HIPAA IT Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act exists to keep private healthcare information private. That’s it. So what’s the problem? It should be simple to [not] share protected health information? But it isn’t.

Who can we blame? Technology, yes - and unfortunately, we get to include ourselves when sharing violations occur. Every tool, technology, and process designed to [enable] intentional sharing between doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and medical companies - can also be a liability. Users and administrators of these systems must understand how they work and how they fail. But the underlying technologies built to enable and limit sharing of information can be complex to understand.

This is HIPAA IT Compliance. We love compliance, right? We may hesitate to admit it but regulations, guides, and even penalties weed out the intentional bad actors and the unintentional but ignorant facilitators. Occasionally we may even need to be protected from ourselves because we don’t know what we don’t know.

Patient Care Is Your Business - Technology Is Ours

You understand patient care - this is your business. You understand and navigate that line between patient needs and services every day. Information technology, on the other hand, is not your business. Yet IT is a foundational component of your day-to-day operation. So how have you managed HIPAA Compliance? As a small to medium-sized business, you may have explored self-service IT or partnered with other IT contractors. But you are here because you know HIPAA Compliance isn’t the best space to learn as you go.

Similar to your ease of navigating the complexities of patient care and interconnected services - 911 IT navigates the complex landscape of tools, platforms, and services and how they all flow through the rules of HIPAA Compliance.

Benefits of Immediate HIPAA Compliance

We care about compliance because we care about people and privacy. Selfishly, we are protecting our own families, friends, and yes, ourselves. Yet when we are staring up the mountainside of achieving compliance it’s encouraging to maintain other incentives. Reaching and maintaining HIPAA Compliance plays directly into your reputation as a business. Compliance is assumed and a violation will absolutely destroy partner and patient trust. Don’t dismiss the cost savings. Working with 911 IT to manage your HIPAA IT accelerates your business to the finish line. And it frees your business to do what it does best instead of moonlighting as technologists. Most importantly the thorough implementation of HIPAA Compliance with 911 IT puts your organization in the best possible place to open for business and to stay open.

HIPAA Compliance Checklist

911 IT’s Managed HIPAA Services Include

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HIPAA Compliance risk analysis, implementation, and management

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Backup and recovery of Electronic Protected Health Information (e-PHI)

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Protecting e-PHI from alteration or loss

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Reduced operating costs

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Information access analysis and management of network-accessible information

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Education and empowerment of best practices in HIPAA IT Compliance

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Continuous proactive security protection and HIPAA Compliance auditing

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Compliant integration of cloud platforms and information sharing within the business

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