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Office 365 Support

We understand you may be frustrated with technology, wondering what to implement and when to implement it. At 911 IT, we provide solutions for businesses just like yours. The goal is to help your organization be more efficient by providing tools for the entire team.

Stop the tech stress.

Overwhelm happens. When you partner with us for Office 365 Support, you can count on having someone to call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Your team has access to programs that are familiar to them including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook. They also have added security features of the software and our team to assist, monitor, and secure data as they work. Simply stated, there is less tech stress knowing you have a good product and team to help.

Benefits of Office 365 Support

We’ve made it even easier for businesses like yours to work remotely, store and protect data in the cloud, and communicate seamlessly with each other, clients or patients, and vendors.

With many employees working remotely at least part-time, it is important for them to continue to have access to documents and information. Office 365 Support sets your team up for success by making sure they have the access they need, no matter where they’re working. This is done, in part, using OneDrive, the Microsoft Cloud Solution, to store, edit, and share documents.

Office 365, like many other solutions, is a subscription which is paid for based on per user, per month. Depending on how much your organization uses Office 365, will determine what the cost is per user, per month. For complex organizations, it will be higher but for small businesses, it will be less. If your business has a busy season, like for tax preparation, then your subscription can grow. When less busy, it can shrink. In this way, Utah businesses are able to contain costs.

If data is stored in the cloud, that means that even if everyone is working remotely and there is no office, data can still be stored, edited, and shared. That means that no matter what, business can continue. It also means that as a business owner, you no longer have to worry about maintaining an on-site server. You can have your Office 365 Support team move everything to the cloud and manage it from anywhere.

Benefits of 911 IT’s Managed IT Services

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Ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

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Cost considerations so you know what you’re going to pay each month.

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Cost-effective enterprise-level support.

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Reduced operating costs

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Cloud solutions so teams can work remotely, collaboratively, and securely.

Rather than huddling in a conference room, users are able to have online meetings. Using Microsoft Teams, they are able to message each other and meet via phone or video. It’s like being in the office but teams can work from remote locations, interacting in the same way they do when they’re in the office.

Investing in the Business Premium Office 365, you will not only have Office 365 Support, you will have additional security. Data encryption, multi-factor authentication, phishing email protection through Outlook, and more.

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